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Do you want this kind of intimacy with God? Then join us for worship! Press into the greater things through a lifestyle of worship! Day and night, night and day, let incense arise!  

Let us return to our first love and be instruments of revival!  The first sign of true Revival is that there’s an upward fixation on Christ -- when people are captured by His Love! The second is that there’s an inward consecration of self to God. The Holy Spirit sets us apart to bring Revival.

The Ephesian believers who were being set ablaze by Paul’s teaching were gaining an upward fixation on Christ and responding with an inward consecration to God, resulting in an outward activation for the Gospel. 

​Revival is not Revival if it stays in the room. It must spill out onto the streets. If it stays in the room it’s renewal. But if it spills out into the streets, it’s Revival! It starts in the hearts of a group of believers, transforms their lives, and then spills over into Gospel demonstration and activation. It’s when a group of believers remembers their first love, repents of their wrongdoings, and goes after 'the One.' This is what the Acts of the Apostles calls 'the Way." Let us all long and hunger to be a part of 'the Way.'

​Revival is needed now in our families, communities, churches, cities, states, nations and the world more than ever. It begins with you! Embrace the call! 

Fr. Michael
President of Ablaze House of Prayer. 


Monthly Events

Worship Service

Third Friday. 6p. Main Sanctuary


Fellowship Dinner

1st Sunday. Following Morning Service. Fellowship Hall.

Women's Ministries

2nd Saturday. 10a. Church Board Room.

Weekly Meetings


Worship Service

Sundays 10.30a. Main Sanctuary.

Room 251

L.I.F.E - Live In Faith Every day

Sundays 9.30a. Gathering Room.

Room 120

Discipleship 101

Sundays 9.30a.
Small Group Room.

Lighthouse Youth

Sundays 6p. West Sanctuary.

Room 201


Radiant is a praying church and we have several opportunities for you to get involved in corporate prayer.

Preservice Prayer
Sunday mornings. 10a. Foyer.
Room 250

Corporate Prophetic Prayer

Tuesday mornings. 8:30a. Office.
Room 119

Corporate Prayer

Wednesday afternoons. 2-3:30p. Sanctuary.
Room 251

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