Bible Study Group

Discipleship Classes

Victorious Christian Living

This class will help you experience more of the presence and power of God and equip you to live the life God created you to live. 


This class meets on the lower level on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am.

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RC & Julia Fries & Jean Pyle

Begins September 12

At Radiant Church in the Small Group Room

Childcare Provided

Annette Brown & Leilani Jensen

Begins September 14

At Annette's House

Online with Gene Sedivy

Begins September 14

Meets over Zoom

Pastor Bev & Bill Cole

Begins September 8

At Radiant Church in the Small Group Room

Brad & Rachel Gaarder & Valeria Hunt

Begins September 9

At the Gaarder's House

Fall Connect Groups

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9.30 am


5.30 pm


6.30 pm


6 pm


6 pm


10.30 am

Chuck & Lisa VanAllen, Peggy Oswald, & Eileen Douglass

Begins September 17

At Radiant Church in the Small Group Room

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Biblical Foundations

This Biblical Foundations class led by Julia Fries and Chuck VanAllen walks through the foundations of faith and develop the understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

Sunday Mornings. 9.30a. in the Small Group Room.