Discipleship Classes

Victorious Christian Living

This class will help you experience more of the presence and power of God and equip you to live the life God created you to live. 


This class meets on the lower level on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am.

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Living in God's Best

Divine health and prosperity are better than divine healing and provision. If you live in divine health and prosperity, you won't need a miracle to get healed or to pay your bills. If you can't see the difference between the two, that may be one reason you only visit God's best instead of truly living in it.


Most Christians live in a place where it's just a matter of time before there's a crisis in their lives and they need a miracle. You might think it would be wonderful to go from miracle to miracle, but that means you'd also be going from crisis to crisis!


Miracles are great when you need one, but you weren't meant to continually get by on them. God wants to change where you live. Let Andrew show you how-to live-in God's best today!


Classes will be conducted via ZOOM and will meet weekly starting Wednesday, September 1, 2021 at 6:30 pm and should conclude in mid February 2022. Cost for the book is $15. Send an email with your name, address and phone number to Gene Sedivy to sign up for the class. Please sign up early so books can be ordered before the class starts.


Freedom in Christ

Join Eileen & Peggy Tuesday evenings at 6.30 beginning Sept 7 in the gathering room.

An 11-week life-changing discipleship course

A COURSE TO HELP YOU KNOW THE TRUTH Jesus said that the key to freedom is knowing the truth (John 8:32). But simply hearing or reading the truth is often not enough to KNOW it. Freedom In Christ will help you make real connections with the truth that feeds through into daily life.

We’ll learn what it means practically to renew our minds so that we can be transformed. We’ll understand the spiritual battle we’re in and how to win it. We’ll go through The Steps To Freedom In Christ, a gentle encounter with God (just between you and Him), to help resolve issues that may be holding us back.

In short Freedom In Christ will give you a framework for moving on to spiritual maturity and fruitfulness, perhaps faster than you had thought possible. No matter how long or short a time you have been a Christian, you will benefit from its straightforward and thoroughly biblical approach.

Session 1: Introduction: Why believe the Bible

Session 2: Who am I?

Session 3: Choosing to Believe the Truth

Session 4: The World's View of Truth

Session 5: Our Daily Choice

Session 6: The Battle for our Minds

Session 7: Handling Emotions Well

Session 8: Forgiving from the Heart

Session 9: Renewing the Mind

Session 10: Relating to Others

Session 11: What Next?

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Connect Groups

Young Adults - Every Monday. 6p. @Radiant Church. Childcare is available.

Pastor Bev's Connect Group - Thursdays. 10a. @The Legacy.

More Connect Groups will begin this September.

Contact Us for more details.